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Favorites from March

William Jewell College junior Aaron Mick hurdles a water pit yesterday during the men’s 3,000-meter steeplechase competition at Walton Stadium on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. MU’s track-and-field teams are hosting the eighth annual Missouri Relays this weekend, with more than 1,900 college and high school athletes in town to participate.

Central Missouri’s Josh O’Brian lands a 19″ long jump attempt Saturday, during the second day of Missouri Relays at Walton Stadium in Columbia. O’Brian finished 32nd out of 35.

Jason Morris, MU hammer thrower, practices Wednesday afternoon in the team’s new throwing area at Walton Stadium.

Gail Kraus, left, and Galen Johnson lift weights Wednesday evening at Key Largo Fitness & Tanning at 701 Hillsdale Road.

Hali Coleman, right, works out on a stationary bike during a spinning class led by Key Largo Fitness and Tanning owner Melanie Karrick Wednesday evening.

Meredith Frazier monitors the True/False Film Festival’s March March event, which paraded three blocks down Ninth Street and featured a performance by Chicago’s Mucca Pazza.

Mark Messing of Mucca Pazza leads the 31-piece punk rock marching band as they frantically break formation while marching down Ninth St. during The March March parade Friday evening.

Gabe Viles looks towards the crowd during the Waterbabies’ performance Friday night at the No Quarter Party.

Missouri gymnasts, from left, Danielle Guider, Julie Abaray and Amanda Pezzullo practice their balance beam routines Thursday in preparation for tomorrow’s Big 12 Championships.

Missouri senior Marchele Campbell looks towards fans as she is recognized at the end of the regular 2006 basketball season, following Missouri’s 70-66 loss to Kansas.

Missouri’s Stefhon Hannah passes the ball under the basket while pressured by Marshall Brown during practice Wednesday at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City.

A counterdemonstrator is subdued by law enforcement officers during Saturday’s parade by the National Socialist Movement in Columbia. More than 100 law officers were called in to help with the event.

Members of the National Socialist Movement are escorted by law enforcement officers into the Hitt Street parking garage following the neo-Nazi group’s parade around Columbia, Saturday. The group entered their vehicles parked inside the garage and left Columbia under supervision of law enforcement.

Chad Herwald, forester with the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department, ignites brush on the hill overlooking the lake during a controlled burn yesterday at Stephens Lake Park. The department uses a “prescribed burn” to help maintain natural areas by enhancing native vegetation. The department intends to make prescribed burns in the future at Grindstone and Forum nature areas, though dates have not been set.