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Solar Power

Ben Wishmeyer of M&M Electric places a solar panel into position yesterday on the roof of the Columbia Career Center, 4203 S. Providence Road. The $30,000 project by Advanced Energy Systems is funded by the Columbia Water and Light Depart-ment and designed to produce electricity equal to a third of what the average household uses.

The 12′ [Inflatable] Snowmen

“It’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be,” says Deann Young, admiring a 12-foot, inflatable snow globe anchored to her front yard off Rogers Street.

She laughs and looks to her neighbor’s yard, pointing out a similar inflatable snow globe, only half the size, with three snowmen incased in a plastic bubble, small white flakes powdering the interior, with the words “Let It Snow” draped across the front.

“I just wanted one like his,” she says while taking a break from hanging lights around her house with the help of her neighbor, Steve Minor.

Steve has showcased a colorful display every winter for several years.

“I do it for my grandkids,” he says. “They love it.”

Just a couple of days into decorating, white icicle lights, an inflatable penguin holding a candy cane and the snow globe are most noticeable.

“I’m just getting started,” says Steve, proudly acknowledging he usually has the most decorated house on his street.

Steve makes final adjustments to the lights above Deann’s front doorway and returns his ladder over the chain link fence separating the two houses.

Deann smiles.

Border War: Part 1

ESPN’s College GameDay

BCE Classic Day 2: Missouri 84, Maryland 70

Overall a rather boring game (read: consolation). The new Sprint Center is a great venue to work in, minus some small kinks like working power outlets and internet. However, the place definitely has its security established.

CBE Classic semis: Michigan State 86, Missouri 83

What a game!

Even though the Tigers lost, my favorite image from the game was during the second half when it seemed possible the unranked Tigers could upset the 11th ranked Spartans… so close…

Chosen Generation

Every Saturday, Bishop Lorenzo Lawson of Chosen Generation Ministries visits inmates at the Boone County Jail for Saturday morning services.

Johnny 5 is alive!

Police respond to a suspicious package left at the Islamic Center. Tribune Slideshow

losing my wisdom

Nick King accompanied/photographed me as I had two wisdom teeth removed Monday morning. Then I kept myself entertained all day while endulging a soft serve diet.

Drew Lamberger

Biz feature. Aside from his job at Les Bourgeois winery, Drew rebuilds boats and gives tours along the Missouri River

Hickman 30, Jeff City 33

Injuries, bad calls, and missed opportunities plagued the Kewpies as they lost the state-bound game with a missed field goal attempt in the final second.