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Out of reach

Missouri wide receiver Tommy Saunders misses a catch with pressure from Kansas’ Daymond Patterson during the second half of Missouri’s Border Showdown loss to Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. Kansas won 40-37.

Missouri 103, Chattanooga 75

Missouri 50, South Dakota State 55

I had a grab a quickie tonight from Mizzou Arena before heading out into a downpour to catch the first round of the NCAA soccer tournament at Walton Stadium. Missouri women lost in basketball but won in soccer. I wish I had a better photo from the soccer game but players were not really playing hardcore (lame) in the rain. So instead I’ll just share one from the basketball game. With more basketball on saturday, and more soccer on Sunday check back for an updated gallery.

Missouri guard Toy Richbow struggles to put up a rebound with an aggressive South Dakota State defense during the first half of the Tigers’ 55-50 loss to South Dakota State at Mizzou Arena.

Missouri 42, Kansas State 21

Sarah Palin in Jefferson City

On Monday, election day eve, Gov. Sarah Palin made one of her final public appearances before failing to become the next vice president.

Oh, how I will miss her.